2023 Auto Lending Fraud Survey 

What’s Inside?

In December 2022 and January 2023, we rounded up over 35 top-level executives and leaders in auto lending and banking to gain insights about the state of fraud in auto lending. 

Key survey highlights:

  • The major types of fraud lenders are experiencing lately  
  • The most pressing fraud concerns of lenders to-date  
  • Fraud's increasingly detrimental effects on the auto industry 
  • Missed opportunities for risk management

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Want to know more?

Also Download our 2023 Auto Lending Fraud Trends Report

The Auto Lending Fraud Trends Report is a culmination of hundreds of hours of analysis and review by data scientists and fraud analysts at Point Predictive and provides insight into how auto lending fraud has been trending over the last year.

Point Predictive’s proprietary data repository has grown to more than 23 billion risk attributes spanning in excess of $2.6 trillion in scored applications and has become a rich resource for understanding the dynamics of all fraud and risk in the industry. Click to view more about the Auto Lending Fraud Trends Report.

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