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DealerCheck can help you see how lenders view your dealership.

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Our DealerCheck™ product is used by lenders to assess dealer risk profiles and can help you see how lenders view your dealership. 

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Don't like what you learn from your DealerCheck report? Ask us about how using our BorrowerCheck™ service prior to the application process can improve your performance.

What DealerCheckTM Does

Shows lenders how the loans originated by a dealer compare against that dealer’s performance with other lenders providing a unique view into dealer performance including risk metrics, profitability metrics, and insight into adverse selection. It also indicates changes in a dealer’s risk level.


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What BorrowerCheck™ Does

BorrowerCheck enables auto dealers to recognize borrowers with income, employment, and identity-related risks that may result in a demand to buy back the loan from the lender or add friction to future loan applications.