Top 10 Fake Employers Access Request*

Top 10 Fake Employers Access Request*

Many fake employers are associated with loans that have 40% to 100% default rates and more than 35% of applications that used fake employers also used synthetic identities. 

Our research has indicated that there is a correlation between fake employers, income misrepresentation, synthetic identities, and various other forms of fraud.

The Point Predictive Ai+Ni approach gives banks and lenders the best defense against dynamic fraud, which is critical to preventing unnecessary losses.

To access the latest list of the Top 10 Fake Employers identified last quarter**, complete the form and one of our team members will be in touch.

*Access to this list is not automatic and is only provided to finance companies, banks or lenders following verification. 

**The most recent Fake Employers report covers Q1, 2024